10 Things to Buy at Dollar Tree for the Summer

1. Sunscreen: Protect your skin without breaking the bank.

2. Plastic Beach Toys: Fun for the kids without worrying about losing expensive items.

3. Picnic Supplies: Plates, utensils, and cups for outdoor gatherings.

4. Flip Flops: Affordable footwear for beach days or casual strolls.

5. Frozen Treats: Cool down with budget-friendly ice cream and popsicles.

6. Gardening Supplies: Seeds, pots, and tools to spruce up your garden.

7. Disposable BBQ Supplies: Charcoal, aluminum foil, and skewers for easy grilling.

8. Pool Toys: Floats, noodles, and water guns for backyard fun.

9. Travel-sized Toiletries: Convenient for vacations or weekend getaways.

10. Summer Décor: Brighten up your space with affordable seasonal decorations.

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