5 Costco Items You Should Avoid Buying as You Prepare for Summer

Summer's around the corner, but not every Costco buy is a summer-saving gem.

Before stocking up for the season, beware of these 5 Costco purchases.

As temperatures rise, make sure you're not burning cash on these Costco summer items.

Costco's produce, including avocados, often disappoints with quick spoilage and lack of freshness.

1. Produce

Customers report Kirkland batteries prone to corrosion and leaking, advising to stick to Duracell or Energizer.

2. Kirkland Brand Batteries

Costco's Michelin wiper blades receive criticism for poor performance, leading to windshield scratches.

3. Michelin Wiper Blades

Despite its bulk packaging, this sunscreen is flagged as toxic and unsafe by experts.

4. Banana Boat Sport Ultra Performance Sunscreen

Reviews reveal Costco's brisket burnt ends fall short of expectations for summer grilling.

5. Kirkland Signature Brisket Burnt End

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