7 Things the Middle Class Won’t Be Able To Afford in the Next 5 Years

1. Extended Family Trips

Middle-class affordability diminishing due to factors like inflation and Covid.

2. New Cars

Rising vehicle prices making new car purchases unattainable for middle-class families.

3. Private School Tuition

Middle-class income may not match climbing tuition rates, affecting affordability.

4. Homeownership and Real Estate

Housing becoming more inaccessible for the middle class due to skyrocketing prices.

5. Healthcare Costs

Rising steadily, healthcare expenses may strain middle-class finances without proper planning.

6. Leisure and Travel in Retirement

Inflationary pressures may transform retirement travel dreams into luxury experiences.

7. 'Safe' Investments for Retirees

Shifting dynamics might alter perceptions of traditionally safe investments like bonds.

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